9 Quick Ways to Center Yourself as a Busy Mom

April 5

Mom staying centered and meditating with toddler around

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You need some fast and easy hacks to center yourself as a mom, right? We barely have any ‘mom time’ so make those few precious moments that we get to ourselves throughout the day need to have maximal impact!

As a mom, you are pretty much guaranteed to feel not at your best, off balanced, like everything is working against you, even down and out.

But don’t worry! A quick re-centering is all that you need to get back on track and continue being your bad to the bone mama self.

1. Color Breathing

Have you heard of this?

It’s a WONDERFUL visualization/breathing exercise that really helps you center yourself when you feel out of sorts or when you just need to recharge.

And who doesn’t need to stop and recharge as a busy mom?

Color breathing is super easy to do:

  1. Name the negative emotion you are feeling and give it a color
  2. Name the positive emotion you would like to replace it with
  3. With your slow inhale through your nose, picture breathing in the positive emotion and it’s color
  4. With your slow exhale, picture exhaling the negative emotion and it’s color
  5. Repeat for 4 more sets

Example: “Breathe blue peace in. . . And breathe red anxiety out.”

I adapted this from Matthias Barker. He’s an amazing psychothrapist on TikTok who you should be following!

Pro tip: I like to imagine my breath like a colored fog that I inhale and exhale.

Don’t just read this! Actually give it a try, it only takes a minute and it makes such a big difference!

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2. Shake your Body

One of the best ways to re-center yourself is to use your body. Our bodies hold onto a lot of baggage (emotions), causing us to feel unbalanced.

Emotions are energy in motion. They want to move through you. Not get stuck in you.

When we don’t release these emotions that have built up throughout the day, our bodies become strained.

A quick and easy way to release these energies is to just shake it out!

There are so many ways to do this. Do whatever feels good for you.

Pro tip: Sometimes, when I remember, I put on some upbeat music with it.

This is how I like to do it:

  1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart
  2. Bend the top half of your body down with your arms hanging
  3. Start to sway your upper half back and forth with your arms swinging freely
  4. Relax into it so your spine can lengthen
  5. Then slowly come to a standing position and shake your whole body out

Be careful! Start slow! Don’t hurt yourself!

When your body is really tense, you can pull a muscle more easily.

After you finish shaking all those tense emotions out, you will feel so much better and more ready to take on the rest of your mom life day.

The best part about this exercise is that you can do it for as long or as short as you like.

You will even feel the benefits after just 30 seconds!

3. 1 Minute to Tension Relief Method

I learned this really intense and super effective technique from a wonderful yoga instructor named June. I used to go to to her classes regularly pre-children.

This is another way of utilizing your body to re-center.

With this technique, you are essentially forcing your muscles to engage and tense up, so when you release them it will be a true release, with all the hormonal releasing benefits that go along with exercising (without actually exercising).

You just have to tense each muscle in your body one at a time until your entire body is tense. Then you slowly release.

This is E U P H O R I C !

You can get my exact steps by clicking the “OH I NEED THIS” button below:

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When you start getting better and better at this, it can really be addicting, but a good, healthy kind of addicting.

Try it out, you won’t regret it. . .

4. Take a Drink, Not that Kind of Drink!

My go to is water, but any drink like juice, tea, or coffee will do. As long as it’s liquid (maybe hold off on the alcohol for this one though, lol).

Hot. Cold. See which one works better for you. For me it’s just whatever is available.

This techniques is more about relaxing the tension that gets built up in your throat/neck/chest area when you get tense by engaging those muscles to swallow.

When are not centered as a mom, it’s usually from stress. Do you notice a tightness in your jaw, throat, and upper chest area when this stress builds up? Especially when you’ve been holding onto it all day?

Taking a drink of something forces your jaw and throat to relax and release so you are not so tense.

It brings you into the present moment. It forces your body to do something in the here and now.

Think of it like an alternative to taking a deep breath. Sometimes deep breaths aren’t enough and you just have to change things up.

Bonus points:

Have you seen the scientific research done one water?

Doctor Emoto does an experiment on water where he says positive things like “thank you” and “I love you” to water and it makes beautiful crystal formations when frozen that Dr Emoto took microscopic photographs of.

He also said negative things like “you make me sick” and “I hate you” and took microscopic photos of this water and the water crystals were totally murky looking and distorted.

CitizenScientist on TikTok has a great video on it! You can see it HERE.

Point is, maybe say positive affirmations to your water before you drink it and see if it makes a difference. Just sayin’. . .

5. Listen to 528Hz

528 Hz is a high vibrational sound that is known as the “Miracle Tone” (aka the love frequency, frequency of transformation).

Albert Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration” and “Everything is energy” (this includes us humans).

And since we are energetic beings, when these high vibrational sounds physically affect your body, it can literally raise your vibration just by listening it!

You know how good you feel everytime you hear Lizzo’s “Good as Hell”? Ya, kinda like that. It changes, your vibrational energy, instantly making you feel better.

Abraham Hicks came up with The Emotional Guidance Scale, where he measured the frequencies of emotions:

Lower emotional states (like hatred, jealousy, guilt and fear) had low vibrational frequencies, and higher emotional states (like joy, freedom, love, and appreciation) had higher vibrations.

Usually you can hear this high vibrational sound through tuning forks, gongs, or singing bowls. But luckily, we have YouTube ready and available to use whenever we need it!

The nice part is that it gives you the flexibility of either listening to it for just a couple minutes or for hours on end.

I like this one but any one that you like the sound of will work.

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I put in my Airpods, especially when I’m cooking dinner, towards the end of the day (when my energy levels could use a little boost), and raise my vibration while multitasking.

6. Realign Your Body

One of the BEST ways to center yourself mentally, is to center yourself physically.

If I had access to a chiropractor on a daily basis, I would take it!

But since us non-Kardashians don’t have such luxuries, we need to realign our bodies another way. . .

This trick works miracles! It stretches your upper back, neck and shoulders in a way that you’ve never really felt before, not at this intensity, anyway.

You feel like you were put in a brand new body!

Here’s how I do it:

Lay on your bed horizontally on your back with your head and neck hanging off the side edge of the bed. Then slowly stretch your arms back.

Next, grab onto your elbows and cradle your head in your arms to stretch some more.

For some weird reason, when you put your feet together and slowly butterfly them open and shut while stretching your arms and head back, it releases your spine and upper back EVEN MORE!

This will center you so quickly and release all the built up stress in your upper back and shoulders. This is the video I saw TikTok, but they don’t show you how to safely get back up from this position!

This is how I get back up safely:


G O S U P E R S L O W. . .

You don’t want vertigo (to get dizzy), have a muscle spasm, or worse, pull a muscle!

Don’t laugh. . . But this works for me:

Open your mouth, grab your jaw and lower teeth (thumbs under chin, fingers on lower teeth), and pull your head straight up towards the ceiling, then roll your chin to your chest as you slowly sit back up.

I find it to be a very effective way to re-center myself as a mom. I’ve noticed that when my body feels good, my mind follows suit. It’s almost like going to the chiropractor!

7. Grounding

woman centering by practicing grounding by placing bare feet on grass

The benefits of grounding (aka earthing) for the body are amazing!

Grounding is when your skin makes contact with the earth (grass, sand, dirt, mud, etc.).

Do you ever wonder why you feel so good at the beach with your bare feet digging deep into the sand?

It’s because you are grounding!

I won’t bore you with the science of it (I’ll let healthline do that), but it basically helps elevate your mood and regulates inflammation in your body.

The longer the better, but if you only have a few minutes, do it for a few minutes. A few minutes of grounding centers me and makes a HUGE difference in my overall mood.

I like to ground when my kids are playing on the play set outside. That way I get a good 30 minutes to an hour of grounding in without even trying.

If your weather is not barefoot friendly right now, or you want to ground for extended periods of time, don’t worry, you can use a grounding mat or an earthing blanket.

They work just as well, but only without the added serotonin boost from being out in the sun.

Don’t believe me? Just give it a try. I didn’t believe it fully either until I tried it. Now I crave it!

Want more advice like this??? Check out my post Become Your Best Self as Mom for more on how to focus your intention on growing and becoming a better mom. You can get the free checklist that goes along with the post below:

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8. Inspire Yourself with YouTube

Use YouTube for good!

I absolutely love Jim Carrey, not necessarily for his movies(although they are good), but for his highly evolved self!

I try to watch this video DAILY to re-center myself and get my mindset right.

There are SO MANY gold nuggets in this short video! I’m just so grateful Luka Reedy recommended it to me.

But if you happen to have an entire 13 minutes, I would HIGHLY recommend watching this video as well: Motivational Speech by Joe Dispenza.

Watching these videos on a regular basis (with your FULL ATTENTION) will absolutely change your mindset. It will realign you. Center you. I venture to say it will change you life!

It’s not impossible for busy moms to find a few minutes of uninterrupted time. Hard, definitely hard, but not impossible.

Put in those Airpods (my favoritest mom self care purchase yet), and let these 2 geniuses inspire and re-center you so you go back to being the super mom that you are!

If you need to carve out some extra ‘me time’ and you haven’t jumped on the ‘wake-up early’ bandwagon yet, I have a post for you to read: Wake-up Early to Transform Your Mom Life.

9. Do a Micro-Meditation

Everyone knows that meditation centers you. But it can be such a challenge to find time for it as a busy mom.

If you can’t seem to carve out enough time to get a thorough 15-20 minute meditation, there’s good news!

You can do a super short quick meditation!

There is no one way to meditate. There are walking meditations, eating meditations, meditations with your eyes closed, with your eyes opened, lying, sitting, standing, all sorts.

“As long as you are bringing your awareness into the present moment and learning to keep it there even with distractions, you are meditating.”

-me 😊

I made a one minute guided mini-meditation for all you moms that can literally only spare one minute at a time.

Sign up to get access to it so you can have it anytime you find yourself out of control or about to lose it.

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You can also find it on my TikTok if that’s easier for you too!

FYI: You don’t have to have any special tools to re-center yourself with meditation. Just stop what you are doing. Close your eyes. Feel every part of your deep breath in (through your nose), then feel every part of your deep breath out. Then do it again a few more times.

You got this, mama!

I really hope that these tips help you with centering yourself as a mom.

Just because you are busy, doesn’t mean you can’t stop for a minute to ground yourself back to the present moment. All of these tips are also forms of self-care!

You can see more on self-care products for moms in my post: Best Self-Care Products for New Moms

Now that you have all the quick and easy to use tools you need to keep your mindset right and keep you at your highest self. . .

You can check out my post: Become Your Best Self as Mom or more on the importance of mindset and choosing your best self.

Really use these centering hacks! Put them into action, and see how your daily mom-life will transform!

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Want more? You can head on over to my homepage and check out all the other mom hacks I talk about to grow into the best person you can be through motherhood. You will be able to find my Turning into Mommy Product Recommendation Page there too, where I list ALL the BEST products that will actually be useful as a mom. Be sure to click on any of the categories: Everything Pregnancy, Postpartum Depression, Everything Mommy, and Calm and Centered Momming so you can explore all the things!

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    1. I’ve never heard of color breathing before, definitely have to try this soon! Great article! 🙂

      1. Thank you so much! And yes, try it! It’s amazing how quickly it works!

    1. Great ideas for getting back to being centered! Even though my kids are grown and have kids of their own, I am always looking for good ideas on how to get back to center – especially after a busy day. Thank you! I am bookmarking these ideas so I can reference back to them throughout my busiest times.

      1. Thank you! These tricks work especially when I am running around all day and forget to think about myself.

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