Best Self Care Products for New Moms (2021)

February 18

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Finding the best self care products for new moms can be practically impossible! And who has the time to actually test them out and make sure you aren’t wasting precious mommy time on useless stuff?

Let’s face it, self-care takes time and energy. And these are things that us mom’s do not have much of.

So I put together a list of fast, easy to implement, and super effective mom self-care products. Products that will actually make a difference in how you feel on a daily basis. 

What you didn’t know you needed as a mom self care version. . .

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor am I your nurse. I cannot assess your situation enough to offer medical advice. If you have any concerns about your health or your baby’s health, you should consult your physician. I am not liable for information included on this blog and cannot guarantee results. This post is for informational purposes only.

Best Self Care Supplements for New Moms:

Seriously, you will be so thankful you use this stuff!


Good hair, skin, nails, more energy, need I say more? 

I used to take some heavy-duty prenatals: Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System while I was pregnant and while I was actively breastfeeding.

But now that I’ve stopped breastfeeding for the most part (does once every other day for 1 minute at a time count as breastfeeding still?), I’m just going to say it counts as stopping.

So since I have “stopped”  breastfeeding, I changed to the Rainbow Light Prenatal One, once-a-day prenatal vitamin. Yes, you still need to take vitamins! It doesn’t have as many greens or all the extra stuff, but it has everything that you need.

They’re super easy to digest (which is really important to me because my sensitive digestion). I only have to take one a day, and it’s a brand that I trust and love.

Most importantly,  you don’t burp up vitamin smell. Heaven on my chronic acid reflux!

Green drink:

Let’s face it. It is practically impossible to get the nutrition you need while momming.

And since I don’t take the heavy duty (6 pills a day) vitamins anymore like when I was pregnant, I decided to supplement with something a little bit easier.

Morning Complete by Activated You is my favorite green drink mix.

It’s got 15 calories per tiny scoop, has prebiotics, probiotics, adaptogens, antioxidants, green super-food blend, and much more! I actually love the taste with just plain ice water (and the ice helps to dissolve it faster in my cup).

It’s supposed to be a apple cinnamon flavor, but I think it’s more of just like a green apple flavor. I don’t get much cinnamon. It also helps curb my appetite in the morning.

It’s the first thing I drink when I wake up. And gives me energy without the caffeine rush. It has a minuscule amount of caffeine from the green tea extract. But I can’t feel it and I just get a vitamin like and super green foods blend energy, not a caffeine high.

DHA for Health

So, apparently ‘pregnancy brain’ turns into ‘mommy brain.’ Help combat mommy brain with fish oil supplement.

DHA is well known to help with brain health, but it also has other benefits, such as heart health, eye health, supports circulation and fights inflammation.

I took Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA while I was pregnant as well and just continued through breastfeeding and still take it daily.

I personally feel like it helps make my skin look and feel more moisturized but I don’t know if that’s just in my head. . .


Cold sores. . .

“About 67% of people below the age of 50 years (which equates to 3.7 billion people) have HSV-1.”


Cold sores like to interrupt your life when you’re stressed out, tired, exposed to too much sun, sick, dehydrated, hormonal, basically anytime you’re not in perfectly ideal conditions.

And we all know as moms that we are NEVER in ideal conditions. We never get to sleep. We never get to rest. There is always some sort of stressor.

At one point, a long time ago in nursing school (super stressful times) I used to get them every other month!

I now RARELY get cold sores. Maybe one every year or even two. And it’s always when I skip something in my regimen:

  • And Lysine Chapstick: I use this chapstick to prevent outbreaks when I know I will be in the sun for extended periods.

***Ask your doctor if it is okay to take when you are pregnant or breastfeeding!***

Stress can be a BIG trigger that can cause cold sores to erupt. Make sure to read my post for 9 Quick Ways to Center Yourself as a Busy Mom.


Okay, get ready for this. . . I have tried possibly upwards of TEN different probiotic formulas over the last few years.

I know I’m obsessed. . . Don’t judge me.

But gut health is so incredibly important:

“About 70% of your immunity comes from your gut.”

These probiotics have made the biggest difference!

I have my husband on them, I have my sister on them, I have my mom on them, I have the cashier at Sam’s Club on them, and of course I’m on them too. You need these, especially if you have digestive issues!

For example, I have IBS (self-diagnosed) and it has vastly improved. I credit this probiotic and avoidance of inflammatory foods.

Another example, people I know who have chronic constipation and have started taking this formula have less issues with constipation now.

It comes in capsule form, you don’t have to refrigerate them, they come in a dark bottle so the light won’t mess them up, and you only have to take one a day.

Bonus! Probiotics are well known to help with your complexion. And speaking of complexion. . .

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How to Glow

This is how to get your skin to glow even as an exhausted mom. . .

The basic regimen is to cleanse, treat, moisturize. But ALWAYS protect!

Let’s start with protect.

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If you haven’t started already, it’s time to start taking care of your face. Parenting AGES YOU! And so does the sun. You can’t really do that much to change the being a mom part, but you CAN protect your skin from the sun.

This CVS brand sunblock was recommended by a dermatologist, goes on super smoothly, is fragrance free (I can smell some zinc but it smells good and goes away quickly), leaves no white cast, has SPF of 50, and is water resistant!

Best of all it is so dang cheap! You’re welcome.

Just don’t buy it all up because I use it several times a day! AND I use it on my kids instead of all those expensive brands (yes, I’ve tried so many of the expensive brands).


I’ve recently switched to this EltaMD brand as my go to sunscreen. Ever since the weather started warming up, my the CVS brand sunscreen has been clogging my pores. I still use it often on my kids. I may go back to it myself when the weather gets cooler, but I most likely will just stick to the this EltaMD brand sunscreen because it is AMAZING and feels like heaven on my skin (even if it costs more).

Tinted Sunscreen:

You need a tinted sunscreen for blue lights from your laptops, TVs, indoor lights, phone, etc.

This EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen is so amazing! All the skin care experts I follow on TikTok recommend this product HANDS DOWN over almost everything else.


I have recently discovered CeraVe Products! Here are my faves but you can browse all their products HERE.

There are a lot more products that you can add to your routine, but these four will definitely get you started on your path to a glowy face:

Vitamin C Serum:

CeraVe Vitamin C Serum is not expensive and is a good to start out with. It helps with dark spots, keeps your skin moisturized, just helps with your overall glow by evening out skin tone.

This CeraVe brand is very gentle and feels really good going on.

Bonus! It has hyaluronic acid in it and ceramides in it too!


So I realized that I was getting teeny tiny bumps from my vitamin C serum. I was SO sad because I wanted all the benefits for my skin, but if this is happening to you from vitamin C serum too, don’t worry! I figured out an AMAZING substitute for it! Caudalie Vinoperfect Dark Spot Moisturizer with Niacinamide! It is GLORIOUS!

Facial Cleanser:

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser for dry skin is AMAZING!

After my second, my skin went from combination skin to dry-ish skin.

But I was still treating it like combination skin, big mistake!

When I switched to the CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser, my skin literally said thank you!

My face was super clean (it cleans better than foaming cleansers), moisturized, and glowing! It also has all the extra goodies the Vitamin C Serum has. And again, it’s not expensive!

It did take a little getting used to because of the non-foaming action, but now I cannot live without it!


Do not use Retinol if you are breastfeeding.

This stuff is a legitimate miracle worker! I use the CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum. Best of all, it’s not expensive!

It’s super mild and doesn’t dry out my skin. THIS is what makes my skin really glow! It brightens, and evens out my skin tone. Makes my pores look smaller and keeps breakouts from happening.

Since I have dryer skin now, I really don’t break out that often, but I do get the occasional blemish. Now, a small pimple will want to show it’s ugly face, and after one Retinol Serum treatment, it is almost GONE!


CeraVe Moisturizing Cream works so well! It’s thick but absorbs well, and doesn’t cause me breakout.

My skin is plump and dewy after I use it. And again, it’s not expensive. I get the one with a pump and it comes with a travel sized lotion too!


If you need a less heavy cream, CeraVe PM Moisturizing Lotion works great for less dry skin and it feels slick and amazing going on.


So I don’t know about you, but I do not have time for makeup.

Okay, full disclosure: I never really made time for makeup in the first place anyway.

I used to get eyelash extensions every couple of months, but they are really expensive, don’t last that long, I had to get babysitting in order to be gone for a few hours at a time, they’re not the most comfortable things in the world, and they eventually make your eyelashes fall out.

But I like long eyelashes. They make you feel pretty. They give your face a glow.

Solution? Grande Lash. This eyelash serum works wonders! It takes about 3 seconds per eye every night.

I have tried many eyelash serums and this one is the best! My friends and family members also swear by this serum.

It’s not the cheapest one out there, but it’s worth it and lasts at least a few months per unit.

Mental mindset self-care

The most important self care there is!

Have you heard of Michael Singer? He is my hero!

Before I read his book, I was a mess, I was always anxious about all things Mommy, I didn’t know how to cope, and I didn’t know how to live my life with peace and clarity.

I basically didn’t know how to be a happy mom. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy but the stress of motherhood took a toll on me and my outlook on parenting was not very positive.

Luckily I came across the book The Untethered Soul and it quite literally changed my life.

He basically teaches you how to be in the moment and how to say centered and enjoy this life. I read the book then listened to the audio book more than once (as a busy mom, I prefer listening).

Just give it a try and see if it doesn’t change your life!

Check out my post: “Become your Best Self as a Mom” where I go over how to grow into your best self as a mom by choosing to do so.

Not a Product:

You’re not gonna like this one, heck, I don’t like this one.

AND no, it’s not a product, but it had to be mentioned: You are gonna have to exercise.

Personally I have taken up running when my kids are still sleeping in the morning.

Can’t wake up early? Read this post. It will really help. . .

Exercise does not sound all that bad right?

Well, unfortunately, when I say exercise, I don’t mean take a nice stroll around the block a couple times.

I’ve tried that and it does not do the trick. It helps, but it does not produce enough endorphins to change your mental well being.

When I say exercise I mean SWEATING (kinda a lot of it), hard to breathe, hurts so good kind of exercise. 

mom running outside

Your ‘morphine’ like endorphins do not get released in your body unless it thinks you are in pain. So I run.

I keep a steady, quickish pace for the most part. Yes, I take breaks if I need them, and I also sprint when the music build and drops. But I only sprint in very short bursts and maybe once or twice during the entire run.

Pro Tip:

Listening to the right energizing song will push you past the ‘too tired to keep running’ wall. Check out my list of songs.

I always listen to #7, #21, #24, #25, #27, #29, every time I run to help push me when I feel like I can’t possibly run any longer.

I wouldn’t be able to run without my songs and airpods!

Just be sure to start off slow and make sure your doctor says it’s okay for you to exercise that heavily. 

I’m a much more pleasant person to be around when I exercise. And my general outlook is so much more positive. 

If you can’t get outside to exercise, burpees are always an option but UGH, burpees suck.

Running just works so much better and faster than any other exercise that I’ve tried.

Not only does it help my body feel better, it helps my mind feel calm and clear throughout the day.

I always feel it when I miss two days in a row and unfortunately, so do my kids. 

Get some or all of the best self care products for new moms! I use them ALL and they help me feel AMAZING everyday!

So give it a go and see how you feel. . .

If you are having a hard time honing your mindset and staying positive, try out my FREE guide to learn how to be CALM and CENTERED when momming.

This method has changed my life and I use it multiple times a day. It helps me to RESPOND to my children instead of REACT harshly. It has made me a better mom.

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Want more? You can head on over to my homepage and check out all the other mom hacks I talk about to grow into the best person you can be through motherhood. You will be able to find my Turning into Mommy Product Recommendation Page there too, where I list ALL the BEST products that will actually be useful as a mom. Be sure to click on any of the categories: Everything Pregnancy, Postpartum Depression, Everything Mommy, and Calm and Centered Momming so you can explore all the things!

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      1. Thank you! And yes, I agree. ALL moms need to prioritize their needs and take care of themselves. You can’t give anything if you are running on empty.

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