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My posts on everything mommy:

  • How to Level Up Your Shower and Raise Your Vibration as a Busy Mom: Want to get the best bang for your buck when you finally get a few minutes to take a shower? Use these easy hacks that transform your regular shower into a high vibrational, energy clearing, manifesting, serenity shower! It takes practically no extra time than usual to rejuvenate and renew yourself so you can be available at your best and highest self for your kids.
  • 9 Quick Ways to Center Yourself as a Busy Mom: There is practically NO TIME when you are running around being mommy. Am I right? That’s why I put together this list of super effective re-centering tips that are quick and really easy to do, and I’m telling you, if you can manage to fit in just a couple of them a day, you will quite literally feel like a super zen, bada$$ mama again!
  • 11 Ways to Be a Happier Mom: The grind is NO JOKE when it comes to being a mom! It makes it hard to be in the present moment and actually enjoy our children. But don’t worry, I made a list of my BEST HAPPY HACKS that are easy to incorporate and ACTUALLY WORK when you implement them into your daily mom life. Give them a try and see see how much better you feel!
  • Become your Best Self as a Mom: Becoming a mom forces you to grow and change for your baby. Ensure you grow for the better by focusing your intention and mindset on the the right “self.” Sounds kinda difficult? Don’t worry, I’ll show you how!
  • How I Stay Happy Without ‘Self-Care’ as a Mommy: The buzz word of late is ‘Self-Care’. But how exactly does self-care translate to real Mommy life? In this post, I delve into the real meaning and purpose for what self-care really is. Not the hyped up excuse to ‘escape’ being a present mom.
  • Wake-up Early to Transform Your Mom Life: I am naturally a night owl. But ever since having kids, the ‘night (mom) life’ was taking a toll. In order to feel like I had any control over my life at all, I had to wake-up earlier than my kids. Take peek at this post and see if I can convince you too!
  • Best Self-Care Products for New Moms: Being a mom takes a lot out of you. How do you recharge and reset when you have no time to yourself? With the right products, that’s how! Check out the list of the best, easy to implement products for mom self-care that actually work to make you look and feel amazing!

No time to meditate! No worries! Try this ONE MINUTE guided meditation that really helps re-center you, quickly and effectively:

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