Easy Diaper Pail Hack Routine to Keep the Smell Away!

January 16

woman holding nose due to something smelly

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Let’s face it, diaper pails stink. The smell just seems to permeate the pail and the room that you’ve housed it in. This super easy diaper pail hack regimen will help you conquer the battle of the poop smell, no matter which diaper pail you use.

And best of all, these hacks are extremely cheap!

Some Backstory

backstory written out for easy diaper pail hacks

Even if you have the best diaper pail, there is ALWAYS a smell. Minimizing the smell to near zilch is what we will be doing here.

I have the Ubbi Diaper Pail. It’s absolutely amazing! At first I could only smell dirty diaper when the pail was opened for 2 seconds, then when it was closed, nothing. It was great!

Then after a while, I began to notice it. . .

The smell stayed in the air even after I closed the pail! I tried everything, but it only got worse and worse.

Granted, I have a super hero sense of smell, I’m not exaggerating.

It can be a challenge when you work in the Emergency Room where a surprise smell is always lurking around the corner, but it is especially challenging when there is a chronically lingering dirty diaper smell in your own house.

Yes, even more so than the ER, mainly because the ER is supposed to smell, your home is not.

But that said, my husband (who bless his heart does not share my talent with smells) said, “Hey, I think we need to start cleaning the diaper pail.”

START?! START?! I had been trying every hack I could find on the internet at this point with little success.

But with my tenacity (which really stems from the fact that my nose won’t let me ignore the stink), I have found the best formula for practically smell free diaper pail success!

#1 Easy Diaper Pail Hack: Double bag the pail

woman with diaper pail trash bags

With the Ubbi, you are able to use any normal trash bag. Opt for the pretty smelling ones to help counteract the stink. Skip this step if you have a diaper genie.

I quickly began to notice that the smell seeps through the single lined bag WAY too quickly.

I wasn’t about to live with the smell or empty the pail more often than I had too. For goodness sake, I was a new mom with a colicky baby!

Ain’t nobody got time for that! Don’t even get me started about when you have 2 of those little poopy cutie rascals. . .

So naturally, I started to double bag. And oh what a difference it made!

It only added about 3 seconds to my diaper pail routine, but the results were tenfold!

This tip keeps the smell from sticking to the inside of the diaper pail. And when that smell sticks, you’ve got even more work to deep clean the diaper pail with no guarantees that deep cleaning will work.

We’ve got to work smarter, not harder, right?

#2 Easy Diaper Pail Hack: Baking Soda

Baking soda in clear container

Putting baking soda in with every new (double bagged) trash bag AND with every new dirty diaper makes a big difference.

Baking soda is super cheap. I get my huge bag at Costco, lasts me forever.

I figured out the easiest way to use this method. Just keep a shaker container next to the diaper pail and sprinkle in the baking. Use something like this. I like it because it has a handle, it’s bigger, and has lots of holes.

Again, it only takes a couple seconds. Just chase the diaper with a shake of the container. Easy!

Pro tip: You know those little desiccant silica packets you get with some packages? Save them and throw one in the bottom of the shaker to keep the baking soda from clumping. These come in handy for all sorts of stuff!

#3 Easy Diaper Pail Hack: Dog poop bags

light blue dog poop bags with dispenser

Those convenient doggie poop bags aren’t just for your cuddly pooches anymore! They are super useful for the stink bombs that come out of that precious little baby’s bum.

Just a couple extra seconds to wrap up that dirty diaper, and keep that stink at bay. For a while longer at least.

You can find really cheap ones like these on Amazon.

Or if you’re looking for convenience, these pop up poop bags are a life saver for not too much more. And bonus: they are biodegradable!

I love one handed use items, my other hand is always busy holding a baby.

I know it seems like a hassle, but just try it. It will become second nature in no time. And, it’s a little easier than having to empty the diaper pail out. I mean, what if it’s raining outside?

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#4 Easy Diaper Pail Hack: Empty the diaper before the stink sets in

drawing of man emptying the diaper pail bag into trash can outside

Speaking of emptying the diaper pail. . .

Okay, this one may not be that easy to do, depending on how diligent you are. Don’t let this scare you, but DAILY emptying is recommended. But daily may not be necessary for you.

FYI: I am NOT naturally diligent. But, I could still manage to empty the diaper pail about once every other night when there was a lot of diaper pooping in my house.

Once you get a routine going with your baby and your ‘homemaking’ then this will just be another thing you add to your night time checklist.

Or better yet, get someone else in the house to do it for you *wink wink* (aimed at my husband). Ya right, who am I kidding? But to his credit, he will definitely do it on trash day without prompting, go hubby!

So I maybe only have to do it twice a week now. Not bad at all.

And like I said, how often you need to do this also depends. It depends on how many babies you have pooping in diapers and their ages. Babies tend to poop less the older they get.

Point is, don’t let poopy diapers sit in there for longer than 2 days. 1 day, preferably.

#5 Easy Diaper Pail Hack: Flush the poop down the toilet!

clean, opened, toilet bowl

This is last but definitely NOT least. This hack is the GAME CHANGER!

It takes a whopping 5 seconds longer than just throwing the stinky diaper in the pail. In the long run, this makes the biggest difference in reducing the smell that seems to embed into the diaper pail.

Somewhere in the infant stage, baby poop starts to resemble adult poop a little more. Making it easy to just plop the poop into the toilet, and flush the stink away.

This is the next best thing to your babies being potty trained. Speaking of potty training, get the one best tip that will make potty training SO MUCH EASIER! Read it here!

Pro tip: If the poops are still too mushy, just use the other 4 tips until they turn more solid. Please don’t try to scrape the poop out. WAY too much work! And we are not down for more work, right ladies?

In Summary

easy diaper pail hack for smelly diaper being held out with someone's fingers

Even though nothing smells better than your cuddly little baby (when they are clean, of course), I venture to say that almost nothing smells as bad as the poop that comes out of those little bottoms.

Keeping an EASY, cheap, and quick method in place to keep those smells from infecting your diaper pail will make your life as Mommy that much more pleasant.

I am not willing to work that much harder for comfort sake partly due to laziness and partly due to lack of time. But I can do these 5 things pretty easily. I don’t even have to think about it anymore.

Pro Mommy Tip: Make a easy routine for everything so it becomes like second nature and you don’t have to wrack your brain trying to remember how to do everything right.

Best of all! These tips greatly reduce the need for having to deep clean your diaper pail every week. It sounds gross to not clean it as often, but since there is no smell, I only need to clean my diaper pail around once a month now.

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How do you keep your diaper pail from smelling? I would LOVE to know your tricks. Leave me a comment below or email me!

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    1. Hey Jen, nice tips!

      I’ll definitely try it.
      In addition, do you have any tip to help when it’s not the diaper pail who stinks, but the baby bottom? I’m asking because, when I’m not home and my baby poops, even I clean him, the stink still there. LOL

      1. My mom taught me to wash just my baby’s bottom after he poops. I would clean him normally with wipes but if it still seemed like there was a smell, I washed his bottom in the sink. I held his body with one arm, leaned him over a little and washed his bum with my free hand with a bit of soap and water. When he got too big for the sink, I just washed it quickly standing him up in the bathtub and using the bathtub faucet. No need for a full bath. It worked great!

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