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My posts on everything mommy:

  • Postpartum Depression Quiz: If you are not in the state of mind that your thought you would be in as a new mom, take a look at this post. You will be able to see where you fall on the PPD spectrum. And yes, there is a spectrum.
  • Time Saving Hacks for Mommy-Cooking and Cleaning: Over the years, I have learn quite a few tips and tricks that help with EFFICIENCY. Having worked in the emergency room for 13 years, efficiency becomes part of your DNA. And it definitely translates to mom life.
  • Easy Diaper Pail Hack Routine to Keep the Smell Away: You probably don’t know this about me. I have a super power. . . It’s my sense of smell. No, really. And when I got pregnant it got even better (it was very triggering during the first trimester). So when I say these diaper pail hacks that I figured out work, I mean they really work! Otherwise I would not be able to tolerate being in a house with poopy babies and their stinky diaper pails.
  • Preventing Viral Infections in Kids: It seems now-a-days that everyone is hyper aware of keeping viral infections at bay. And with social distancing and self-quarantining, I’m sure you have a ton of questions. This post is my attempt at clearing up the confusion (from a nurse’s perspective). I give you easy and actionable steps to help keep your family safe during viral season.
  • Tips for Traveling with Babies and Young Kids: Planning to go on a trip with your little ones? Feeling a bit of stress? Check out all the tricks I learned wile traveling with my babies in this post! Turn your stress into excitement! Be ready for your trip and be able to actually enjoy this time with your family.
  • The Most Useful Baby Products- Newborn to Toddler: Are you having a hard time trying to figure out what you actually need and don’t need for your baby? Well STOP wasting your previous time, energy and money and check out my post! It will take all the work out of shopping for your baby!
  • What To Do When Baby is Sick: It can be scary as a new mom when your baby gets sick. Most new moms are not trained as an ER nurse *ahem* like me. But don’t worry, I outlined what you need to do to get your baby better in no time.
  • The Best Christmas Gifts for New Moms: 7 very thoughtful Christmas gifts for moms with a newborn at home. These are items that most new moms either don’t know about, didn’t think they needed, or found them to be too much of a splurge. So check out these PERFECT gifts for the new mom in your life!
  • Grown-up Kid-Friendly Songs that your Whole Family will Love: I don’t know about you, but I really started to miss my music after listening to one too many nursery rhymes. But how do you sneak in your songs without the kids having a total meltdown? And who has the time to find kid-friendly grown-up songs that won’t curse every 10 seconds? That’s why I put together this ‘Top 40 List’ of my favorite songs that the whole family will enjoy!

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