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Hi Preggers! And Congrats! Here is a list on everything pregnancy!

This is a collection of ALL my posts that have anything to do with pregnancy all in one easy to access place!

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All my posts on everything pregnancy:

  • What No One Tells You About Pregnancy! This post is GREAT especially if you are in one of the beginning trimesters. There is a lot of useful information in here. I made this post solely because I felt like no one told me (or just glazed over) what I really needed to know about being pregnant.
  • Everything You Need to Maximize Comfort During Pregnancy I am a comfort guru! Being comfortable is my JAM! Well, you know (or will find out very soon) that pregnancy is NOT comfortable in any way shape or form. These tips made the BIGGEST difference.
  • Will I Be a Good Mom If I’m Not Even a Baby Person? Being pregnant for the first time can really take a toll on your stress level. Especially if you haven’t had much interaction with babies yet. You don’t know what to expect. But not to fear! I go over how you can get past this worried mindset and into more of a positive outlook.

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