Grown-up Kid-Friendly Songs that your Whole Family will Love!

November 6

family of 4 listening to kid friendly songs, dancing and having fun together

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Here are 40 ‘grown-up’ kid friendly songs that everyone will love listening to! Kid friendly songs that adults like are not as easy to find as you would think.

That’s why I happily did the legwork for you so you don’t have to waste your precious time screening and censoring (I don’t mind. I LOVE my music).

Don’t you miss listening to your music, mama?!

Music has a very powerful effect on our mindset.

It can change your mood instantly from irritated and upset to happy and energized or calm and centered.

So finding songs kids can listen to that parents can enjoy is a priority.

Prior to having kids, one of my favorite parts of driving was blasting my favorite music with the windows down. Oh the good old days. . .

But now that my kids are 4 and 2, they seem to have formed the opinion that the radio belongs solely to them and I was getting so sick of those same old nursery rhymes rattling around in my head without my permission.

Something had to change. . .

Here are some tips so your kids don’t have a complete meltdown when you start introducing ‘your’ music.

The Workaround:

toddler listening to kid friendly song with headphones

Sometimes kids do not like change, am I right?

So I slowly but surely started sprinkling in “my songs” while the babes were locked in their car seats and had no choice but to listen.

There was definitely resistance at first, but as long as you are showing them that you are having a great time and making it fun, they will be more than happy to oblige you.


Kidz Bop has kid friendly version of a ton of grown-up songs!

Your toddlers can play these CDs on this Kids CD player with Microphone. This CD player is great because it is so easy for toddler hands and brains to figure out for themselves. Both my kids LOVED this player!

I’ve linked YouTube videos with each song, but keep in mind: I’ve only screened the lyrics for kid friendliness, NOT the content in the videos.

Here is the list by music genre. Enjoy! And you are very welcome parents.

Toddler enjoying kid friendly adult music

Kid Friendly Pop Songs

1. Uptown Funk– Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars:

Get it Bruno! So, SO GOOD!

2. Can’t Stop the Feeling– Justin Timberlake from Trolls:

Been a Justin fan since way back, he does not disappoint with this one. My kids love the movie too. BTW, every song from that movie is great!

3. Catchy Song– Dillon Francis feat. T-Pain and That Girl Lay Lay from the Lego 2 Movie:

Admittedly a bit annoying but super ‘catchy’ and fun. You don’t hate it when it gets stuck in your head.

4. Happy– Pharrell Williams:

I can’t help it! This song and video make me smile every time!

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5. Dynamite-BTS:

This song gets me moving without fail. Oh, and they lyrics are “a little funk and soul” not: you know. . .

6. Electric Love– BORN:

I can’t decide how this one makes me feel, but it’s definitely lots of different good feelings mixed together at the same time.

7. Levitating (clean version)– Dua Lipa:

There’s only one moderately bad word in this song at the bridge and she’s rapping it quickly, but this is the clean version without it because my son hears every word.

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Kid Friendly Slow Songs

8. True Colors– Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick:

Big time fan of the original, but this one is just so well done too! And it’s from the movie Trolls.

9. Somewhere Over the Rainbow– Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole:

His voice is instantly soothing. This version is great for getting the kids to settle down.

10. Blackbird– The Beatles:

Needless to say, a classic. The parents sing it in the movie Boss Baby so my kids love this one.

11. All The Pretty Little Horses– whatadizzydance:

She does a hauntingly beautiful version. I did not grow up with this traditional lullaby so when I discovered it for my babies, I loved singing it to them to help them sleep.

12. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes– Cinderella:

Love all songs Disney, but this one, especially, gives me all the feels.

13. Forever and a Day, Always– Jewel:

I always thought Jewels voice lends itself well to lullabies, this is no exception. Soothing and beautiful.

14. I See the Light– Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi from Tangled:

Not only is this song gorgeous, the video is too! Disney never lets me down.

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Kid Friendly Country/Folk Songs

15. All I Want is You– Barry Louis Polisar from Juno:

Such a cute song! There’s a harmonica in it for goodness sake! My kids and I love singing this one together.

16. Cups– Anna Kendrick:

Okay, seriously! What can’t this girl do! Everyone will be trying to do the cup thing- watch the video!

17. Little Liza Jane– Elizabeth Mitchell:

Get ready for adorableness galore! The kiddos love clapping along to this one!

18. Home– Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros:

Smiles all around with this song. Nostalgic happy feelings for sure.

19. Stuck Like Glue– Sugarland:

Sweetness and happiness overload (in the best way possible). You will be so glad that you can’t get this song out of your head!

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Kid Friendly Rock Songs (and similar genres)

20. We will Rock You– Queen:

The kids sing along and even ‘stomp stomp clap’ to this. It’s SO ADORABLE!


One line of lyrics say: “You got blood on your face, you big disgrace” I just keep saying ‘mud’ instead of ‘blood’ so I don’t have to explain anything to my 4 year old.

21. Sweetness– Jimmy Eat World:

OMG! Best song EVER! Super easy for the kids to sing along to!

22. Eye of the Tiger– Survivor:

I’m not exactly sure why my boys love this song so much. I think my husband has been sneaking it in when he has them alone, but there is just something about this song that sits well.

23. We are the Champions– Queen:

The way this chant-y song builds and repeats itself, my kids can’t get enough of it.

24. Misery Business– Paramore:

Okay, there is ONE bad-ish word in this entire lyric packed song, but it’s in the middle of the verse and skimmed over really quickly.

But this one is just so fun to rock out to I had to add it to the mix.

25. High Hopes– Panic at the Disco:

Anthem-y with an awesome hook that the kids just love! I’ve been a fan of them since the beginning. Love their sound.

26. Another One Bites the Dust– Queen:

Can you tell yet that I’m a super fan?

Every time this song comes on, an uncontrollable head bobbin’ seems to over take the kids. Questionable lyrics, but they haven’t asked about any of them as of yet. . .

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Kid Friendly Electronic Songs

27.. Happy Now– Kygo ft. Sandro Cavazza:

Feel good and uplifting, with the signature Kygo sound. We love this one!

28. Wave Rider– Tiesto from Hotel Transylvania 3:

This song starts off our daily dance parties most days. You don’t have to worry about lyrics in this song because there aren’t any!

29. Dancin– Aaron Smith feat. LUVLI (Krono Remix):

This song will get you moving, kinda sneaks up on you and settles in your bones. I catch my kids at least bobbing their heads by the middle of this song.

30. I Like to Move It– Will.I.Am.:

Our other go to daily dance party starter! This is such a fun video too! “First name Moto, last name Moto” I just can’t! So funny!

31. Fireflies– Owl City:

This song just feels good in your ears and puts you in a good mood.

32. ily (I Love You Baby)– Surf Mesa ft. Emilee:

Redone beautifully! Slow, smooth and oh so cool! One of my fave slower electronic songs.

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Kid Friendly Oldies Songs (Oldies but Goodies)

33. Rockin’ Robin– Jackson 5:

This song is too much with the cuteness! You can’t help but appreciate the talent oozing from young Michael.

34. Catch a Falling Star– Perry Como:

Such a sweet song and calming song! I like to sing this one to them before bedtime.

35. Tiny Dancer– Elton John:

I never get sick of this song. Luckily my kids don’t complain about listening to it either.

36. Build Me Up Buttercup– The Foundations:

Easy listening. The chorus just sticks with you and won’t let go, like a big bear hug!

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Kid friendly 80’s Songs

37. Everybody Wants to Rule the World– Tears for Fears:

Seriously one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! This song never gets old in my book and the instrumental breakdown though! My kids love rockin’ out to it too!

38. Take On Me– a-ha:

So much fun! Quintessential 80’s sound! My feet won’t stop moving with this song.

39. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go– WHAM!:

This lively and cheerful classic says the words “go-go.” “Go-go!” Need I say more?!

40. September– Earth Wind and Fire:

This feel good, no, feel GREAT song is perfect to end our list with.

Why Music and Dance Parties are so Important

Make good music a priority with your kids, so you don’t go nuts listening to the same nursery rhymes over and over again.

Music is powerful. Music can changes the energy flow in your body, and children are very sensitive to these changes.

When your baby is grumpy, blast some music and have a dance party!

My 2 year old loves when I carry him and bounce him to the music. My 4 year old HAS to get up and dance. He can’t help himself.

This list of grown-up kid friendly songs your whole family will love is customized to my taste in music.

Moms, our babies LOVE us! Borderline obsessed with us.

If you start introducing different types of music early, your kids will learn to love your type of music too. Like I said, obsessed.

Introduce it with a happy and excited energy and it will usually go over well (even if you haven’t started introducing your music early).

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    1. I love Home! And we are big Beatles fans. My daughter always asks for Here Comes The Sun in the car.

      1. “Home” is one of my favorites too! Oh, and I love “Here Come the Sun!” My kids ask for “We Will Rock You” all the time, lol!

    1. Love this list! How about adding Dancing Queen, Rise Up by Andra Day (great for girls!), and Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) by Backstreet Boys?!

      1. Thank you! These are great songs too! There are so many good ones out there when you really start looking!

    1. Now, THIS is a post after my own heart, lol. I am a music addict. There is music around here all the time, so my poor kids can sing Eye of the tiger (80’s girl is who I am) word for word, lol. Queen is another big hit in our household.

      1. Wow! Word for word?! That’s awesome! Eye of the tiger comes on any my son says “Mommy, it’s Daddy’s FAVORITE song!” Lol! And we can’t get enough Queen around here. . .

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