How to Level Up Your Shower and Raise Your Vibration as a Busy Mom

June 3

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Want to learn how to upgrade your shower to raise your vibration as a busy mom? Everyone knows that taking a shower is a great way to recharge your weary mom soul, but did you know that you can maximize the effects a good shower has on you by ramping it up to what I like to call a ‘Serenity Shower’?

As moms we get, if we are lucky, 5-10 minutes to take a shower, right? If that. 15 minutes on a very good day? Some days it feels almost impossible to squeeze one in (which I do not allow to happen to me because showers give me life).

And I can’t even remember the last time I took a bath!

But don’t worry, 10 minutes is more than enough time to fit in an elevating, uplifting, serenity shower!

Rejuvenate, re-energize, and be at your best after this amazing experience so that you can be your best for your family!

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How to Take a Serenity Shower as a Busy Mom:

There are a few extras steps to stepping your shower game up to a serenity shower but they take almost no extra time.

And don’t worry, you don’t HAVE to do all of them every shower. Sometimes I just get to do one or two of the steps and it still makes a huge difference on my mood.

Don’t stress if you don’t get to do all of the steps every time you shower.

1. You Just Need 5-10 Uninterrupted Minutes

You do NOT need a lot of time to get the full effects of a serenity shower. But it works best if you are able to completely focus your energy and intention continuously.

It can be really difficult to find 10 minutes of uninterrupted time as a busy mom, but it can be done, especially if you forgo another chore in the house. If you prioritize shower time, everything else eventually falls in line. It can take some sacrifice, but you MUST care for yourself.

“You should never be pouring from your cup. You should give from the overflow.”

-Margaret Rose Coaching

When my oldest was a baby, he would NOT leave my side, so I would put him in a baby bouncer facing me so he could still see that I was there.

Another good time is when your baby is down for a nap. I would just bring my baby monitor into the bathroom with me just in case.

I would hop in the shower as soon as my husband would come home from work when he was busy with the baby. Sometimes, I would even eat dinner early and sneak off to take a shower when the baby is locked in the high chair and my husband was eating dinner. Or when my mom or other family members came over to help me.

It’s just a matter of priorities and a little bit of sacrifice.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t stay this hard to find time forever. It gets A LOT easier to find time as the kids get older. Until then, just do the best you can to get away for a few minutes.

2. Make it as dark as possible

Be sure to turn off all the lights and close the blinds if you have windows nearby.

Taking shower in the dark will really deepen the intensity of your serenity shower.

Make it as dark as possible so your eyes get a break from the artificial light that you are exposed to all day long. They can relax instead, not having to strain against the harsh light.

I can’t even tell you what a difference this can make in the entire experience. It amplifies the effect of the flames from your candle (see step 3), strengthening the clearing and cleansing power of fire.

I know a shower in the dark seems like it’s not a big deal, but it really is! Sometimes when I have almost zero shower time to do all the steps, I just turn off the lights and it helps tremendously!

Sometimes our poor eyes are taken for granted and we don’t care for them as we should. It takes less than a second to turn off the lights and another couple seconds to close the blinds. Pamper your eyes.

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3. Light Your Favorite Candle

Fire purges negative energy.

Unless you are super fancy and have a fireplace in your bathroom, you are probably going to have to use a candle instead (like me). But that’s okay, because a candle is really all you need.

But placement is key here. Place your candle as close to your shower as possible. If have a shower curtain, place it near the mirror in your bathroom instead to enhance it’s lighting effect so you don’t burn down the curtain.

You want to be able to feel the light of the fire shining and flickering on you.

Make sure to do step 2 and turn off the lights! You can’t enjoy the nuances of the flame when you can’t see them. Be sure it’s dark so the flame can do it’s work. So it can work it’s magic! It makes all the difference to the mood and ambiance of your shower. It intensifies the light of the flame.

I like these candles that have ACTUAL CRYSTALS embedded in the wax:

Fifi Peony’s Gemstone Candles- Sweet Peonies with Calming Amethyst Crystal:

Fifi Peony’s Gemstone Candles – Juicy Pears and Calming Vanilla with Malachite Stone:

Fifi Peony’s Gemstone Candles – Soothing Fig with Rose Quartz Crystal:

If you want more mom self-care products and how I like to use them, head over to my post: Best Self Care Products for New Moms (2021) for all the goods!

4. Play high vibrational music

There has a 3-fold element of air at play here: hear me out. . .

  1. The high vibrational sounds that go through the air
  2. The smell from the candle
  3. Add in your breath

Soothing spa like smells wafting in the air from your candle is so very calming. We have all these senses for a reason. So we can enjoy them! So enjoy!

Choose a scent that makes you feel amazing, or you can choose ones with essential oils that are meant to help with specific things. Like lavender for calming, or citrus for energizing. As long as you enjoy the smell, it will help lift your mood.

Playing high vibrational sounds move the air at a certain frequency towards our bodies. Einstein

You can easily YouTube 528 Hz frequency music.

I like this one: 528 Hz ā‚ ACTIVATE SELF HEALING & Positive Transformation but anything you like will work.

5. Time to shower

You get the best a-ha moments and ideas in the shower too, am I right? That’s because you aren’t in your head, you are in the present moment, enjoying the water, so your true intuition isn’t blocked by all your other thoughts.

Your mind is not bogged down by all the things you normally worry about, because the sensations of the shower are pulling the attention back into the present moment. You are ‘busy’ being in the present moment. And the best, most intuitive ideas come up in the present moment because your brain is working the way it is supposed to be working.

It’s not busy trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It has room to breathe. It’s finally working for you because you are where you are supposed to be: in the present moment!

To help bring you into the present moment, don’t forget to take slow deep breaths. Most of the time this happens naturally becasue of the calming effects of the shower.

But I notice that I am literally holding my breath sometimes when I am extra stressed, or when I am worried about the kids while I’m showering. So taking a few intentional, cleansing deep breaths really help center me and bring me back to the present moment.

6. Feel it Cleanse your Aura

One of the best ways to cleanse your aura/energy is to take a shower.

When you are taking a shower, you are (obviously) utilizing the element of water.

Water is super cleansing (physically and spiritually). That’s one of the reasons why you feel so good during and after a shower. Because it quite literally cleanses you of all the negative energy that has been built up all day.

How do you harness this cleansing power? Use all the elements:

  • Concentrate on picturing the washing away of any unwanted energy by the water.
  • Focus on the burning away of the negative energy with the flame.
  • Pay attention to the changing of negative vibrations to positive vibrations with the sounds playing, the soothing scent of the candle, and taking deep breaths (all 3 use the element of air).
  • It feels like this one is missing, right? Well most homes are grounded to the water pipes, and as long as your pipes are metal, the water that comes out of the pipes are also negatively charged. So you are technically grounding when you touch the shower water (using the element of earth)

Bonus tip:

I use my Korean Body Scrubber to REALLY exfoliate my skin! Just make sure the scrubber and your skin is soaking wet (you don’t want abrasions) and that you are using warm/hot water. Using the scrubber makes me feel extra cleansed and rejuvenated!

7. Cold Water Rinse to Raise your Vibration

Most people do not find cold showers comfortable. But cold showers have many health benefits as well as spiritual benefits like increasing metabolism, decreasing stress, increasing immune function, raising your vibration, training/controlling your reaction, and cleansing your energy.

But don’t just jump into a cold shower! In order to successfully take a cold shower you have to gradually work your way up to it.

Take a warm (in my case, very hot) shower. Then at the end of your warm/hot shower, slowly start turning the water to as cold as you can handle and rinse in cold water for the end of your shower.

Turn it to tepid water, then gradually make it colder and colder (if you can’t tolerate that, try gradually making it colder with each subsequent shower instead). Make sure to take deep breaths and make sure you are not resisting the coldness, but embracing it.


If you can’t embrace the cold temperature, change it back to a temperature that you can embrace. This is a practice in non-resistance and acceptance. Don’t force what you can’t handle yet.

Remember, it should feel good, invigorating, actually. I now look forward to my cold water rinse! My shower doesn’t feel complete without one.

THEN, when I finally can’t handle the heat any longer, I can happily turn the water to cold. Instead of feeling the shock of the temperature change, my body welcomes it!


When the weather is cold and I can’t seem to get warm, I do not do a full body rinse with cold water. I may only rinse my face and if I feel up to it, my hair too.

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8. Manifest as You Finish Your Shower

YES! You can use this serenity shower to amplify your affirmations and manifestations!

How you ask? Well let me tell ya. . .

You have to completely embrace and fully imagine your current/old reality or anything that is getting in the way of your transformation. Before you are about to step out of the shower, affirm (say out loud) the intention or the type of person you want to be when you get out of the shower.

My go to: “As I step out of this shower, I will be transformed into the most patient/highest vibrational version of myself”

The key is to feel it, to really feel it and be grateful for your transformation as if it already happened.

This is called a quantum jumping.

I learned this trick from @irisdaileyy from TikTok (if you don’t already follow her, you really should! She’s amazing!)

Step by Step How to Take a Serenity Shower

  1. Carve out AT LEAST 5 minutes of uninterrupted time (preferably 10-15 minutes)
  2. Make it as dark as possible
  3. Light your candle of choice
  4. Play high vibrational music
  5. Focus on the present moment in the shower and take slow deep breaths
  6. Cleanse your aura using the elements of water, air, and fire.
  7. Cold water rinse to raise your vibration (make sure it’s enjoyable!)
  8. Manifest as you finish your shower

When you use these steps to take care of yourself (if you don’t do it, who will?) you will more easily be able to be your best mom self for your family. Check out my post on Become Your Best Self as Mom where go over the steps you can focus on to transform into your highest self using motherhood!

In Summery

Don’t write off a shower as just a shower. With a few extra minutes and a bit of intention, your shower can be VERY POWERFUL! Even TRANSFORMATIVE!

Conscious intention is the most important element when taking a serenity shower.

Of course the best way to get all the benefits of a serenity shower is to do all the steps, but don’t stress about it (stress is the opposite of what we are aiming for here) if you forget a step or two, or even if you only get to do just one of the steps.

Want to learn more ways on how to re-center yourself as a busy mom? Check out my post: 9 Ways to Center Yourself as a Busy Mom where I give you super quick and easy to implement hacks that quickly shift you back to a balanced state.

Progress, not perfection. It’s the process of intentionalizing your shower. It’s being mindful and in the moment so that you can enjoy your experience.

So that you can rejuvenate, re-energize, and re-center yourself.

So you can be at your best for your family.

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