The Best Christmas Gifts for New Moms

August 21

New mom holding Christmas present next to her husband and baby in her lap

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Are you looking for the best Christmas gifts for new Moms? Has the new mommy in your life been having a really hard time lately? Does she deserve a super awesome Christmas present but you aren’t too sure what you should get her?

This is a list of the extra good stuff that new moms have probably been putting on the back burner or has been sitting in her shopping cart since she was pregnant.

She will thank you for your thoughtfulness if you get her one or more of these gifts!

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The Ultimate gift for moms with newborns (aka on the pricey side)

Christmas gifts for a new mom are great for getting those slightly more expensive items that you wouldn’t get on a normal day.

Gifts for Baby Safety:

For the mom that wants extra bit of security for baby, there is the Owlet Smart Sock 2.

It alerts you when baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels decrease!

New moms are constantly worried. Having this little monitor on baby really can give her some peace of mind and maybe get some actual rest (instead of one eye half opened sleep).

This can be a super helpful in addition to other normal safety precautions. It is not safe to depend fully on this device (or any device for that matter).

Is the new mom in your life a little stressed out?

A FREE and very thoughtful gift you can get her is this 1 Minute Tension Relief Method. This works so much better than ‘taking deep breaths.’

Just click the button below and enter HER name and best email so it will be delivered to her inbox for immediate download!

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Be sure to let her know you signed her up so she can download it and start using the method right away!

Most Useful Baby Gifts for Helping Baby Sleep:

Everyone knows the better the baby sleeps, the happier the new mom! So lets get her something that will keep the baby sleeping longer so she can have the gift of extra time.

Best thing for helping baby sleep:

No one every thinks they need this thing. . . Oh but the do!

I myself rationalized it away several times before buying it. Obviously you can YouTube shushing sounds for the baby on your phone, but don’t you want mom to be able to actually use her phone when the baby is asleep?

And what if you want to call her or text her? It might wake the baby AND the shushing will stop!!!


The Shusher is portable, does not need to be plugged in (so it can go anywhere in the house or on an outing or vacation), the batteries last forever, and the volume/time is adjustable with just a simple turn of a dial.

I love the string for your wrist so you can take it with you while you are rocking/walking the baby to sleep.

Sometimes when babies are crying, they need the shushing to be at least as loud as their crying and this thing really delivers! I used it ALL THE TIME with my second and WISH I knew about it for my first.

Baby Lounger/Co-Sleeper:

The Dock a Tot was something I found with my second baby. It definitely would have been helpful to have known about it for my first.

This wonderful contraption makes it so you can put the baby to sleep anywhere in the house. On the floor, on the couch (make sure it’s secured), on your bed, and even in their crib.

It ‘hugs’ them (reminds them of the womb) so they feel safe and secure, helping them sleep better and longer. It’s pricey, but there are some cheaper versions out there that I hear work great.

But that’s why this would make the perfect Christmas gift for the new mom in your life.

One gift you can give a busy mom is to learn how to prevent diaper pail smells from happening. You can find my best tips in this post: Easy Diaper Pail Hack Routine to Keep the Smell Away!

Lightweight Portable Crib:

If mom likes baby to have their own personal, clean space to sleep/rest, this Lotus Travel Crib is definitely a great gift!

Eventually she will be able to leave the house again and having this portable crib in the trunk will allow her to go visit family and friends for longer periods of time without having to worry about leaving before nap time.

We took this with us every vacation and to every grandparent’s house. Nap time and bedtime happened in this anytime we weren’t at home.

It folds up to this nice, relatively compact rectangle with straps for easy transport and is made of mesh you can see your baby and keep them cool while they sleep.

There is also a quiet zipper opening rather than a loud velcro front opening so you don’t wake the baby unnecessarily.

And the Dock a Tot fits right in the crib too!

The Lotus Travel Crib is more on the expensive side and not technically an essential item that mom would already have. It can be considered a relatively unnecessary splurge UNLESS someone (hint-hint) gets it for them as a Christmas gift!

Want some tips to help make traveling with baby SO MUCH EASIER? Check out my post Tips for Traveling with Babies and Young Kids so your entire vacation experience will be stress free and fun!

The Best Portable Baby Bouncer to Give as a Gift:

This Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss in mesh is absolutely wonderful! So pricey but so worth it! But, she most likely don’t have it already because it is such a splurge. People usually opt for the cheaper versions of this.

The glorious mesh material keeps your baby cool, it is unbelievably easy to clean (pulls right off and goes in the wash), has different easy to change levels (in case baby falls asleep and needs to lay flatter), is lightweight, minimalist, doesn’t take up a lot of room, and folds flat for easy storage and portability!

I can’t say enough about this thing! I would take it to restaurants, friends houses, vacations, etc. Pretty much anywhere I went that required me to put the baby down, I took it with me.

And just because it’s portable, doesn’t mean that you can’t use it at home! At home is where this baby got the most use.

Mom won’t be using it immediately after baby is born because they need to have some sort of head control first. But having this on hand for when that happens is going to save mom’s life!

BEST of all. . . IT’S GORGEOUS!! Nice job Baby Bjorn! And kudos to YOU for getting the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss in mesh for her!

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Gifts for Body Wellness

For a new mom, sometimes getting away for a few hours to get a massage is practically impossible! I guess a bulky, super expensive massage chair is an option, but not too practical of a gift.

Introducing. . . The Yoga Wheel!

If you haven’t seen this glorious thing yet, it is called a Yoga Wheel. It is for stretching stiff and aching backs.

But isn’t that the same thing as a one of those foam rollers? Sort of. But the difference in size is everything! I find it to be so much better than a regular back roller (and so much prettier).

As a new mom back pain is VERY normal. And can be constant for some moms.

You are always bending over to pick up the baby, bending over to put down the baby, bending over to pick up some toys, bending over to clean up something off the floor, bending over to change a diaper. You get my point.

But back pain is especially bad if you are breastfeeding. And I don’t care what anybody says, it’s so hard to consistently have good posture while you are breastfeeding. 

You don’t realize how being hunched over all the time as a mom can cause discomfort and affect your posture, pain level, energy, and eventually your mood.

This magical product helps to re-energize and reinvigorate your body. The way it stretches and massages your back is heavenly! It can take less than 2 minutes to use but can definitely be used for longer stretches if desired and the wondrous effects last all day!

Most moms don’t think about getting something like this for themselves so it makes the perfect, super thoughtful Christmas gift.

Speaking of quick yet effective and super thoughtful. . .

A FREE gift you can get her is this 1 Minute Tension Relief Method. This method works AMAZINGLY!

Just click the button below and enter HER name and best email so it will be delivered to her inbox for immediate download!

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Be sure to let her know you signed her up so she can download it and start using the method right away!

Final thoughts on the Best Christmas Gifts for new moms

Being a mom is so hard. If you can find the right products to make her life that much easier it really does feel like Christmas. And tells her that you really care.

Being a new mom is also surprisingly lonely and isolating. Getting her a thoughtful gift shows her that she is not alone in this journey.

Just the fact that you are here trying to find the perfect gift for her tells me how much you really do care!


The ultimate gift a new mom can receive is peace of mind and confidence in her abilities as a mom. To develop the skills to stay calm and centered and actually enjoy motherhood instead of feeling like she is on a perpetual hamster wheel always trying to catch up.

But how do you get a gift like that for her?

EASY! Get my FREE 4 step method to becoming a happier mom. . .

When implemented, results almost immediate!

Sign her up to get the 4 step guide and after a couple days, I send a free preview to the course How to Stop Reacting and Start Responding as Mommy!

Click the button below and put HER name and email so she can get the download to the 4 step guide to becoming a happier mom right to her inbox!

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Don’t forget to tell her about it so she doesn’t miss the download!

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Want more? You can head on over to my homepage and check out all the other mom hacks I talk about to grow into the best person you can be through motherhood. You will be able to find my Turning into Mommy Product Recommendation Page there too, where I list ALL the BEST products that will actually be useful as a mom. Be sure to click on any of the categories: Everything Pregnancy, Postpartum Depression, Everything Mommy, and Calm and Centered Momming so you can explore all the things!

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