The Most Useful Baby Products- Newborn to Toddler

June 8

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Do you know how hard it is to find the most useful baby products? It takes time, word of mouth, expertise, and a lot of know-how. All of which you don’t necessarily have as a new or expecting mama.

So what the heck do you buy if you don’t know what you need?

Well, just keep reading because I have a list of THE MOST USEFUL baby products that I have found!

You ready??? Here we go. . .

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Most Useful Baby Products for Diapering and Bath Time:

These are the best products that I have found for baby bath time and baby diaper situations. Hope they work for you too!

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Diaper Rash Cream that Works:

I LOVE Bordeaux’s Butt Paste!

My babies have NEVER had a diaper rash. NEVER. One time, my first one came close (there was a small patch of redness). But I just slathered on this cream and it was gone by the next diaper change.


If you happen to be out in the sun for too long and feel like you might have been sunburned, just apply this cream to the red areas and it will make your sunburn way better if not non-existent by the next morning.

Keep in mind that this may stain your clothing. I put an old towel down to prevent staining my sheets and wear old pjs.

Get my best tips on how to prevent that dreaded diaper pail smell in my post: Easy Diaper Pail Hack to Keep the Smell Away.

All in One Baby Shampoo:

So, I will start by saying that this Lil’ Leona I am Happy 3 in 1 Shampoo, Bubble Bath, and Body Wash is not the cheapest baby soap you can find.

But I don’t care because it is one of the BEST smelling scents I have ever come across! It’s light, slightly baby-ish, a teeny-tiny bit herbal/floral and super clean smelling.

I have been using this for my kids since my first one was a newborn. This company gets A LOT of business from me!

The ONLY reason why I don’t use it myself is because I don’t want to get immune to the wonderful scent!

Softest Baby Washcloths EVER:

These Matimati Bamboo Washcloths are the absolute best ones I have found. They are so very soft and STAY soft with every wash!

I used it from newborn to toddler to little kid stages. And I STILL use the same 2 packs from over 4 years ago! These babies stand up to the test of time.

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Most Useful Baby Laundry Products I Still Use:

You will be so happy you know this combo! It works wonders for baby laundry!

The BEST baby detergent:

When I say Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent for Baby smells SOOO GOOD, I am not kidding. This is probably one of my FAVORITE smelling products hands flippin’ down.

Not too heady, not baby powdery smelling, super clean without giving off a disinfectant or chemical scent, just cuddly, soft, clean baby smell.

As an added bonus, it gets the clothes super clean even on delicate/cold wash.


If you want it for cheaper, Walmart sometimes has it available for significantly lower in price. Since I know I use A LOT of it, I wait till it is available at Walmart and stock up on it when they have it.

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Stain Remover that Works:

This Dreft Stain Remover works surprisingly well!

Anytime you see a potential stain, spray the heck out of it, leave it to sit, or don’t and either way it works great!

And YES! It even works on spit up and baby poop (as long as you immediately rinse with cold water and spray it till it’s soaked and let it sit for a bit before you wash it).

The Best Baby Products for On the Go:

It is so hard to choose what you need to take and what you don’t need to take with you when you go out with your baby. Don’t worry! Here are my go to things to take with me:

Best Diaper Bag/Backpack:

Most diaper bags are useless. I hated all 3 of my prior diaper bags. Until I found the Baby Nation Diaper Backpack!

This diaper backpack is big but not too big, fits so much stuff (enough for a baby AND a toddler) without being too bulky, and has lots of pockets and compartments. Even a somewhat hidden one in the back that I keep my rolled up breastfeeding cover in.

My FAVORITE part about this diaper backpack is the way the large compartment opens up. It’s sort of top and sort of front opening. This is the perfect angle for visualization and convenience.

I recommend this diaper backpack to all the new moms I come across.

Heavy Duty Baby Carrier:

My first baby practically lived in this Ergobaby Carrier Omni 360. He had colic and wouldn’t fall asleep any other way.

This one is a great, well-rounded baby carrier, but it is thick, bulky, and not that breathable. They have a mesh version but I haven’t tried it for myself. There would be some sweat exchange between the two of us when the weather got warmer.

But it offers a lot of support for you and your baby. And lots of different positions (really, I only used the standard position).

Best Lightweight Baby Carrier:

Picture of a mom carrying her baby in a baby carrier on her chest

I was lucky enough to find this little gem the Happy Baby Carrier for my second baby. It is made of linen, soft and thin, yet strong and provides support.

It is one of the more comfortable baby carriers I have used and works from newborn to toddler. I can even use it in the summer without feeling like I am going to melt.

I don’t know how they fit it, but this baby carrier even has a built in head cover for when the baby is sleeping or breastfeeding.

Just roll the carrier up tightly and place it in your diaper backpack and you are always ready to go!

Like these baby products? Check out my other post on the best gifts to get for a new mom (or yourself).

Alternative Baby Carrier:

This is Ergobaby Embrace Baby Carrier. I did some Amazon scouring and this one is equivalent to my Happy Baby Carrier (above) but it’s cheaper!

Disclaimer: I have not tried this item for myself. So be sure to read the reviews to see if it’s right for you. From what I could tell, I would LOVE it!

The Best Portable Baby Bouncer:

This Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss in mesh is absolutely wonderful! So pricey but so worth it!

The mesh keeps your baby cool, it is unbelievably easy to clean (pulls right off and goes in the wash), has different easy change levels (in case baby falls asleep), is lightweight, minimalist, doesn’t take up a lot of room, and lays flat for easy storage and portability!

I can’t say enough about this thing. I would take it to restaurants, friends houses, vacations, etc. Pretty much anywhere I went that required me to put the baby down, I took it with me.

And just because its portable, doesn’t mean that you can’t use it at home too! At home is where this baby got the most use.

BEST of all. . . IT’S GORGEOUS!! Nice job Baby Bjorn!

Lightweight Portable Crib:

If you like your baby to have it’s own personal, clean space to sleep/rest, this Lotus Travel Crib is definitely for you!

We took this with us every vacation and to every grandparent’s house. Nap time and bedtime happened in this if we weren’t at home.

It folds up to this nice, relatively compact rectangle with straps for easy transport and is made of mesh you can see your baby and keep them cool while they sleep.

There is also a quiet zipper opening rather than a loud velcro front opening so you don’t wake the baby unnecessarily.

Miss traveling but don’t feel like you are ready to plan a vacation with a baby in tow? This will help: Tips for Traveling with Babies and Young Kids.

Portable Baby Mattress:

***Please use with CAUTION***

This is a Milliard Mini Memory Foam Mattress and unless your baby can lift their heads and roll over, it will be too soft and can cause the baby harm when they are sleeping.

That said, I LOVED this mattress it fits perfectly in the bottom of the Lotus Travel Crib (above). My baby slept really well in it. But if you do not feel safe using it because of the risk for SIDS, DO NOT USE IT!

Portable Baby Jumper:

The Summer Pop ‘n Jump Portable Activity Center is not really necessary, but if you like to actually do stuff and things that aren’t helicoptering your baby, then you will like this one.

There is a bag with a shoulder strap for easier carrying (it’s kinda flimsy but works and the whole thing is a bit on the heavy side). But if your baby likes to keep busy, this is the toy for them!

It keeps them safely in the jumper while they play, chew, explore, jump, and watch their surroundings from a different perspective. There is even a little shade attachment that helps keep them protected from the sun.

The Best on the Go Stain Remover:

These Wet Ones as you know are supposed to be for cleaning your hands (super useful), but my sister discovered that they DOUBLE as a stain remover!

Just wipe as you normally would any other stain removal wipe and wash appropriately when you eventually get home. You don’t even have to rush! It will still work.

I haven’t met a stain yet that sticks around after using Wet Ones on it.

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Baby Products for Meal Time that Will Make Your Life Easier:

Your welcome mamas! These products have quite literally saved my life!

The Bumbo Seat:

My favorite baby chair, The Bumbo Seat, mainly because of the tray table that tucks away nicely in the back when not in use and it’s ability to fit on practically any seat!

I used to take this with me when we went to restaurants so I didn’t have to use their high chairs, gross. And since it comes with it’s own tray table, I would just put finger foods on it for the baby to pick at while I enjoyed my meal.

It also grows with the baby. If you notice it is getting a little cramped, then just take out the insert, which you can store and tuck away INSIDE the seat (which I didn’t realize until 2 months later), buying you more time!

The Best Highchair for Baby:

The Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair is not only gorgeous, it is so very easy to clean! And easy cleaning is a PRIORITY with babies, my friend.

Granted, it’s a bit on the pricey side, and I’m sure you can find something equivalent with a smaller price tag, but this is what I know and love.

Every part of it is easy to wipe and clean. the straps come off easily as well and I just throw them in the washing machine with the baby’s clothes and put them back on the chair to dry.

There are wheels on the bottom that will lock and the height is adjustable (super convenient for our tall kitchen table or counter if I am cooking).

Reusable Squeeze Pouches:

Reusable, dishwasher safe, easy to fill, and just super convenient.

These WeeSprout Reusable Food Pouches are so helpful. I don’t make my own baby food, but if I did, this would be the ticket!

Instead I use it for yogurt. And when my babies were just starting out with foods, I would put baby cereal in it!

The Best Baby Cups:

Here are all the baby cups that I like using. There are SO many different types out there. Just try them all out until you find the ones your baby loves to use. It can differ from child to child too. It’s a hassle but recommendations usually help with this.

Leak proof sippy cup:

When I say these Nuk First Essentials Fun Grip Hard Spout Sippy Cups are leak proof, I mean they are SUPER leak proof. As long as all the components are properly attached, it really doesn’t leak.

One time my baby actually got it to leak just a couple drops by flipping it upside down and pounding the HECK out of it onto the tile floor. 2 small drops. Pretty impressive leak prevention if you ask me.

Another leak proof sippy cup:

One of my FAVORITE baby purchases are The First Years Take & Toss Spill-Proof Sippy Cups. As far as leak proof, they aren’t as good as the Nuk ones, but it still works and it doesn’t matter because of the affordability!

Take but DO NOT TOSS! These cups are ridiculously durable! I mean, you can toss them if you want or need to, but I keep them.

We use them ALL THE TIME and put them in the dishwasher daily and they are still practically brand new! Even the seals are still super tight!

The Best Trainer Cup:

These Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cups are a bit magical. At first they really boggled my mind. They allow your baby to suck like a sippy cup, from a regular cup shape without spilling all over them!

WHAT?!?!? I didn’t get it either until I took it apart to wash it.

Whoever thought of this is a genius!

I would call these more like leak resistant, though. When my baby throws it to the ground, there is definitely slight spillage.

Worth buying just to see it in action!

Transition Straw:

The OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup with Removable Handles is a great almost leak proof cup and straw trainer.

Your baby has to bite down on it as they suck through the straw in order for it to work. Sounds complicated, but it doesn’t take long for them to adapt to it.

My favorite part is that my baby just looks so cute holding his own ‘straw cup’ by the handle to feed himself. He thought his baby self was so grown up when he would use this cup. ADORABLE!

The Best Straw Cup:

No, you aren’t having deja vu, The First Years Take and Toss makes a SPILL PROOF STRAW CUP too!!! And oh how I love these!

Dishwasher safe (a necessity), spill proof-ish, and so cheap that if you lose any they are easily replaceable. But again, DON’T TOSS THEM!

We have been using the same set for the last 4 years!


Make sure to put the straw in AFTER you close the lid. Since the seal is so tight, the pressure from closing it with the lid on will make the liquid squirt out of the straw.

Baby/Toddler Utensils:

Re-play Dinnerware Set come in fun bright colors or in plain white. They are eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, practically indestructible, and stain resistant.

I have the white set and the only thing I noticed that stains it is watermelon.

Even spaghetti sauce comes right off in the dishwasher!

My kids are STILL using the original sets and my oldest is 4.

Most Useful Baby Products for Sleeping:

These are what I loved using for helping my babies sleep. . .

Baby Lounger/Co-Sleeper:

The Dock a Tot was something I found with my second baby. It definitely would have been helpful to have known about it for my first.

You can basically put your baby to sleep anywhere in the house. On the floor, on the couch (make sure it’s secured), on your bed, and even in their crib.

It basically hugs them so they feel safe and secure, helping them sleep better. It’s pricey, but there are some cheaper versions out there that I hear work great.

Best thing for helping baby sleep:

Now I know you can YouTube shushing sounds for the baby on your phone, but don’t you want to be able to actually use your phone when the baby is asleep?

And what if you get a phone call? It might wake the baby AND the shushing will stop.


The Shusher is portable, does not need to be plugged in, the batteries last forever, and the volume/time is adjustable with just a simple turn of a dial.

Sometimes when babies are crying, they need the shushing to be at least as loud as their crying and this thing delivers. I used it ALL THE TIME with my second and wish I knew about it for my first.

The Most Helpful Baby Products for Teething:

These items are GOLD! Teething can be one of the hardest things to deal with so these products will really make teething easier!

Silicone Pacifiers for Teething:

This Best Win Infant Teething toy/silicone pacifier is one of the best teething toys!

You can put ice (I like crushed) or frozen fruit and give it to your poor teething child. Instant relief!


If your baby is still under 6 months and starts teething (or it’s just a super hot day), you can put frozen breast milk or frozen formula instead of ice or fruit!

This brand is great because it gives you 2 different sized silicone mesh for smaller mouths.

Teething Necklace that Works:

***Please use with CAUTION***

This Amber Teething Necklace actually works!

Both my babies started teething early and often. When this necklace was on, there was NO DROOLING! When the necklace was off, not even 30 minutes later came the waterfall of drool. I would put it back on and not eve 30 minutes later the drooling stopped.

It seems to ease the discomfort and pain as well. They have their hands and fingers in their mouths less often when they have it on.

Natural Teething Medication that Works:

Borion Camilia Teething Relief was my GO TO when my babies needed more than just the teething necklace.

Most Useful Baby Products for Play Time That Actually Keep Them Busy:

These items are so helpful when you have to cook dinner, do chores, or work from home. You got this mama!

Best toy to keep your baby busy:

So this AWESOME Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother is supposed to be used for sleeping. But it’s so bright and engaging that my babies never used it for sleep.

But O.M.G. do they LOVE it for playtime! This wonderful product was one of the only things that actually gave me a small break from momming. It’s soothing and memorizing, beautiful and engaging! Between the music, the lights, the sea creatures, the star button, and the remote, my kids couldn’t get enough of it.

And they STILL like it! For me, this toy was useful practically from birth through to almost big kid status.

You won’t regret getting this one!

The Best Baby Bouncer:

The Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer is THE SOLE REASON why I was able to take a shower when I was by myself at home with the baby.

It is really convenient because it doesn’t take up that much room and is super lightweight. Most baby bouncers are unnecessarily bulky.

This one is nice looking, easy to use, has a vibrate feature to help soothe the baby, keeps them at a comfortable angle, has a detachable toy station for entertainment, and just gets the job done.

After smelling like breast milk, spit-up, and quite possibly baby poop, after only a few hours with the baby, I would be aching for a quick shower. So in the bouncer he went and right in front of my shower went the bouncer so he could still see that I was there.

Of course sometimes he cried the whole time, but sometimes he didn’t. Either way I knew he was safe and comfortable, and that I would be smelling and feeling nice once again.

Baby Activity Gym Babies Love:

The Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym is super a portable and a guaranteed clean place for baby to play when you are out and about.

But it is also great to use at home as well.

All the different colors and patterns on the mat are good for baby’s development. There are several different animals to learn about with varying sensory toys attached. It also comes with a baby safe mirror and small pillow.

The best part about this mat is that it folds up nicely and barely takes up any storage room!

Sometimes I would place the baby bouncer right under the arches with my baby in the bouncer to give him a different view and more toys to explore.

***Please use with CAUTION***

The Joovy Spoon Walker is one of the best looking walkers I have seen! It is so very easy to clean with a tray that comes for easy crumb removal.


Be careful using baby walkers! Learn why walkers are not good for babies here. Do not use them if you do not feel comfortable using it.

I never had my walker upstairs, I only had my babies in there for short periods of time and not that often. You have to closely watch your baby to see if they are not safe to use it any longer (starts climbing out).

That said, it was AWESOME for keeping them busy and out of trouble while I was cooking dinner!

You know what else keeps kids busy but is totally FREE? Music! Not looking forward to having a ton of nursury rhymes stuck in your head all day? Don’t worry! Here is a list of Grown=Up Kid Friendly Songs that Your Whole Family Will Love!

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Most Useful Products for Breastfeeding:

Head on over to my post on breastfeeding where I go over EVERYTHING about it and give you lots of tips to help you and your baby have a great experience.

Breathable Nursing Cover:

The Bebe au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover is HANDS DOWN my FAVORITE nursing cover!

It’s gorgeous, machine washable (I hang dry it though), rolls up to the size of a spatula, it is super breathable, and has a stiff open neckline so that you can actually see your baby while feeding.

You won’t regret buying this nursing cover, I know I don’t.

If you need to know more about breastfeeding, check out my post on What No One Tells you About Breastfeeding where I go over practically everything you need to know about breastfeeding with extra tips and tricks on making it way easier!

For Painful Breastfeeding:

This Lansinoh Lanolin Nipplecream works really well for cracked and painful nipples.


The hospital gives these away for FREE to you if you ask!

Did you know painful breastfeeding is NOT the only unpleasant symptom about learning how to nurse your baby? Prep yourself by checking out this post about letdown reflex: What No One Tells You About Your Letdown Reflex.

The BEST Breastfeeding Pillow:

The Boppy Pillow is your go to product for comfortable breastfeeding! This thing will save your neck and back from unnecessary pain.

You can also use it as baby ages as somewhere baby can lounge.

It’s machine washable, adorable, and oh so comfy!

I still use it on the couch as MY pillow. If you stack the two ends on top of one another, it’s the perfect angle and height for your neck while laying and watching T.V. on the couch!

Baby Clothes You Will Use Over and Over Again:

The Children’s Place Baby White Bodysuit are the BEST onesies EVER!

When I say these babies are soft, I mean this texture mixed with your baby skin is just heaven on your face!

I had my babies in these ALL SUMMER LONG! Like everyday.

Cool and comfy babies in the heat of summer are hard to come by, but you will be all set if you have these onesies in your momming arsenal!

The Most Useful Baby Shoes:

These kids grow out of their shoes so darn fast! I avoided using shoes as much as possible, but of course there were still situations where they would have to wear them. Use these recommendations to help you find the right shoes for your littles.

Sandals for the Walking Baby:

Babies have weird shaped feet that don’t allow for shoes to stay on. But these CROC Kids’ Crocband II Toddler Sandals will stay put on your baby’s feet without coming off.

They are great because they are part water shoe, part sandal, and they have good grip on the bottoms to prevent slippage.

Also they are not as bulky as other sandals making it less likely for your kid to trip over them and fall. Always a plus.

Sandals for the Older Toddler:

For the slightly bigger toddler I like these Crocs Kids Unisex Coast Clogs.

They can easily take them on and off themselves and if they don’t need the extra support, they turn into a slip-on with a quick turn of the strap.

Be sure your baby is a good walker and not really ‘toddling’ anymore because they can be a bit clunky.

The Best Shoes for Toddlers:

I found that Stride Rite is the BEST brand for shoes for infants and toddlers. I only recommend them if your baby is walking. Don’t waste your hard earned money on them if they are not walking yet.

They are not too bulky, the fit is perfect and the insoles are comfortable and help promote good walking and good posture. We love them!

Easy to Use Baby Pain Reliever:

This Gu Gu Stick is a MIRACLE WORKER!

Not only does it work wonders on a boo boo, it is one of the BEST smelling products I have EVER smelled!

Rub this bad boy on any closed skin injury and it will prevent bruising and minimize the pain. I was skeptical when I first bought it but I am a believer now! I even used it on myself.

Many unsightly bruises were prevented with this easy to use product. And when my oldest gets hurt (which happens way too often) he asks for it by name now that he can talk.

What Products to Use When Baby is Sick:

For this we need to go a bit more in depth, so. . .

Check out my post on Products You Need When Baby is Sick, where I go into more detail about what products are actually useful and what will make your life so much easier when your baby is sick.

Even better, want to know what to do to help PREVENT your baby from getting sick? Read this: Preventing Viral Infections In Kids.

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Do I Need to Buy ALL These Things?

No, not really, and not right away.

But eventually, yes, you might need to. Babies are EXPENSIVE and babies can be DIFFICULT!

This list of products will help save you time, money and energy, making your life just that much easier.

Rather than struggling through each and every potential product purchase, just refer to this list and decide for yourself if it is something you think you will need.

It’s a great starting point for making these decisions for your precious little babe and I hope they help you in your momming journey!

Worried you won’t be good at this mommy thing? Don’t be. Read this post: Will I Be a Good Mom If I’m Not Even a Baby Person?

Which of the products I recommend are you most excited about using?

Do you already use some baby products you cannot live without? Ones you use over and over and over again?

Comment below, I’d love to hear about them!

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Want more? You can head on over to my homepage and check out all the other mom hacks I talk about to grow into the best person you can be through motherhood. You will be able to find my Turning into Mommy Product Recommendation Page there too, where I list ALL the BEST products that will actually be useful as a mom. Be sure to click on any of the categories: Everything Pregnancy, Postpartum Depression, Everything Mommy, and Calm and Centered Momming so you can explore all the things!

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